Open Wheeler Video Gaming Chair (Review Page 5)

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A stunning video game simulator seat. Suits children and adults

At first sight the OpenWheeler video gaming chair appears truly awesome, but when you play it, it seems even greater. It brings racing simulation to an entirely different level, and, as a driver, you'll be pinned to the chair for good! And you will see there's a lightness and finesse here that you'll not have in other simulators. It's also a perfect tool for any home video game console or PC given the remarkable flexibility that OpenWheeler offers. And age or body proportions do not matter - the car game driving cockpit can fit anyone and everyone of any age group, as we have said, from kids as young as 4, to adult individuals, who still have the longing and the flame in them!

Invert your bedroom into a racing course. With OpenWheeler

Actually, the OpenWheeler video racing game chair is completely superb - something, which players will discover virtually right away, from the start: the initial vital second... when your living room will be transformed into a race course. The chassis is bound with a proficient car driving game cockpit. And you could allege this is what determines the real difference between race games and race simulation.