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Drive the swiftest and most sensational race cars... in your dorm room

Single-seater vehicles are the swiftest and most exciting racing cars to drive, being the best way for eager drivers to master their craft. This is due to their light weight, aerodynamic capacities, forceful motors, which are good for their price. Before joining the Formula 1 echelons practically all Formula 1 drivers spend some interval in different open-wheeler categories. However, you must remember that the cars do not especially look like road cars, and that aerodynamics favour top racers over weaker contenders, which makes overhauling hard to achieve, not to refer to the fragility of the cars making bumping and jostling frequent in touring and stock car racing practically unthinkable - well, only several open-wheeler categories will entice huge audiences.

What a computer home video game racer necessitates for extreme game control

But simultaneously, however, OpenWheeler, being a game seat, provides solidity and comfort you won't discover that easy. It offers a simple design yet is fortified by high quality constituents which make it a unique and eminently convenient tool as far as any game driving wheel and video game platform is concerned. The chassis and the driving seat itself deliver all the stability a home video game racer needs for utmost game control.